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In addition to providing a unique opportunity to connect with other high achieving students from around the world, the benefits of membership in IDLS include:


Recognition items included with your new member package include a personalized certificate with the seal of of the International Dean’s List Society, a lapel pin, and a personalized press release.


There are a variety of scholarships available through IDLS that provide financial awards for high achieving members.  In addition to these scholarships, the IDLS staff is continually researching scholarship opportunities and communicating with members regarding the best opportunities so you don’t have to waste time searching the Internet for ways to offset the financial cost of your education.


Online Learning
Your initial membership in IDLS includes one year of unlimited access to the exclusive Center for Student Advancement online learning system.  The Center offers over 100 courses covering practical topics such as communicating with others, managing teams, making presentations and also a variety of desktop productivity software curriculums.


Discount Partners
Members of IDLS enjoy discounts from a variety of companies including periodical publications, auto insurance, health insurance, travel and hotel, book retailers and publishers.  Our current discount partners on our partners page.


Study Abroad Programs
For members wishing to study internationally, IDLS provides several resources to assist in successfully completing a study abroad program.  IDLS helps members identify which programs are available through their home university as well as those offered by independent organizations.  IDLS staff can provide members with information on programs, host institutions, costs, fields of study, countries with programs and other valuable information.