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Members of IDLS have several opportunities to compete for scholarships that cover a variety of areas:

Graduate School Scholarships
For IDLS members who are continuing their education beyond the undergraduate level, IDLS offers scholarships to help defray the cost of graduate school.  Scholarship amounts range up to $1000 and applications are available in early January and recipients are announced in early summer.

2 Year Transfer Scholarships
For IDLS members attending two year institutions who have been accepted and are transferring to a four year university, IDLS offers scholarships to assist with the cost of transferring to the four year university setting.  Scholarship amounts range up to $1000 and applications are available in May and recipients are announced in early August.

IDLS Outstanding Scholar Award
For members who are recognized on their institution’s Dean’s list or similar lists such as the President’s list or the Chancellor’s list for 3 or more consecutive terms, IDLS recognizes these outstanding scholars for their continued academic achievement with awards ranging from $250 to $1000.  Applications are available throughout the academic year and recipients are announced individually within 3 months of receipt of the completed application.

The Scholarship Center
In addition to the scholarships and awards above, IDLS members receive regular updates from The Scholarship Center regarding awards and scholarship opportunities that are uniquely suited to the members of the society.